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Saturday, November 20, 2010

This Blog is Closed - Ownership has been Transferred

Blog Ownership has been transferred.  This blog is closed.

I have stepped down as blogmaster for the Texas Artfire Guild and resigned from the Guild.

I tried to step down as blogmaster several times in the past because the Guild master wasn't happen with the way I handled the blog.  She ask me not to, saying that I was just holding the blog hostage and wanting to take over control of the guild.

I have never wanted to be guild master nor am I holding the blog hostage.  The blog has been transferred to a generic account and the information forwarded to a member of guild.

My sincere apologizes to all members of the guild, especially the new members for being exposed to this in public.  I tried to work this out behind the scenes and privately but the Guild master chose to make it public and got her "friends" to demand a poll to vote to keep her as guild master even though I had explained to her that I did not want the job.

She stated lies about me in the Yahoo group after she had said to me by phone that she would publish an apology on the Yahoo group.  I refused to answer her innuendos on the Yahoo group because I believe it should have been handled privately.

I offer best wishes and prosperity to all the wonderful Texas members I met, who enjoyed the blog and thanked me, and again apologies for this becoming a public spectacle.

1 comment:

Cindy Dowdle-Schoen said...

I'm sorry to hear that all this has been happening!!

So where do we stand now..?

Who is the guild master?

Are we still a guild?

Thank you for your answers